What is CHRONO SleepWell ® ?

CHRONO SleepWell ®

is the culmination of lengthy experience working with travellers, patients suffering from a circadian disorder and night and shift workers, for whom the promoter has developed many resetting programs over the last fifteen years.

In order to accomplish the work the promoter has used as a starting point the most recent chronobiology discoveries in relation to chronotherapy that have appeared in the international scientific literature.

Chronotherapy comprises of several therapeutic tools. The two main ones involve :

  • exposure to daylight, and its avoidance, during programmed critical periods,
  • the taking of melatonin* at programmed critical times.

Some other tools are :

  • exercising at programmed critical times,
  • eating specific food at programmed critical times,
  • helping to lower body temperature at programmed critical times.

The chronotherapy is based on the discovery (first in rodents, then in humans) of the so called "Phase Response Curves" (PRC) :

  • to light,
  • to melatonin,
  • to exercise.

The main Central Nervous System structures involved with chronotherapy are :

  • the retina,
  • the retinohypothalamic tract,
  • the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the hypothalamus (also called the "Masterclock"),
  • the pineal gland (the melatonin gland),
  • the reticular formation in the brainstem (pons),
  • the cortex.

The main researchers in the field of chronobiology are :

Alexander Borbely (Zurich), Charles Czeisler (Boston), Richard Kronauer (Cambridge), Peretz Lavie (Haifa) and Olivier Van Reeth (Brussels).

Thanks to CHRONO JetLag,

you will be able to develop your own tailor-made program to accelerate, by as much as possible, the resynchronisation of your internal (biological) clock with the external clock you will find at your destination (geophysical time, the time on your wrist). You will also know your alertness and performance peaks once arrived at destination.

This program will be customized according to :

  • the direction of your trip : eastward / westward,
  • the number of time zones you cross,
  • your age,
  • your sleep schedule,
  • the purpose of your trip,
  • the quality of your sleep,
  • your sensitivity to daylight saving time and previous jetlag.

The target of CHRONO JetLag is every travellers that is preparing to take a long haul-flight wich :

  • crosses at least three time zones,
  • lasts at least three days (two nights).

The aim of CHRONO JetLag is :

  • to make the chronotherapy expertise of chronobiologists directly available to travellers, so they do not need to consult a specialist to obtain an anti-jetlag program,
  • to help travellers do all they can to derive as much benefit as possible from their trips, whether their purpose is pleasure, business or even to take part in a sports competition,
  • to help ensure they do not lose all they have acquired during their trip when they get back home.

Thanks to CHRONO Circa,

you will be able to develop your own anti-circadian disorder tailor-made program to reset your internal clock (biological clock) as much as possible, in case you suffer from a circadian disorder. Symptoms include :

  • sleep phase delay syndrome (early insomnia),
  • sleep phase advance syndrome (late insomnia),
  • seasonal affective disorder (SAD),
  • major nervous breakdown.

Thanks to CHRONO NightWork,

since september 2012, you are now able to develop your own anti-night work related circadian disorder tailor-made programs tables pack to reset your internal (biological) clock as much as possible.

Thanks to CHRONO ShiftWork,

since september 2012, you are now able to develop your own anti-shift work related circadian disorder tailor-made programs tables Pack to reset, by as much as possible, your internal (biological) clock.

How ?

You just have to fill one of the forms below and you’ll rapidly receive your tailor-made resetting program table (PDF format).

> Price by program table (round trip tables for jetlag, tables pack for night and shift work) : 9.99 €

> PayPal secure payment (PayPal account / all credit cards) or bank transfer.

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