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Welcome to CHRONO JetLag, the system that helps you to beat the jetlag syndrome.

You’re about to take off

Maybe you’re going on a well earned dream vacation, or perhaps this is a business trip, or maybe you’re going to compete in a sports competition...
Whatever the case, you would like to be at the top of your condition in order to enjoy your trip and to perform at your best. Unfortunately, there’s a strong likelihood you will suffer from the so called "JETLAG SYNDROME", either during the trip or upon your return.

What is jetlag ?

When you travel across multiple time zones, a desynchronisation appears between your internal biological clock (which still set to home time) and the new external clock (which is at the time at destination). The problem is that the natural reset of the biological clock is somewhat slow (60 minutes per day for eastward travel and 90 minutes per day for westward travel). This condition is responsible for a series of symptoms. Although reports vary about the severity and the duration of these symptoms, for several days after arrival travellers almost always complain about :

- SLEEP DISTURBANCE (excessive alertness during the sleep period),

- DAYTIME FATIGUE (excessive sleepiness during the "awake" period),



How to beat jetlag ?

Chronobiology is a science that has discovered ways to deal with jetlag. Those methods are called CHRONOTHERAPY. CHRONO JetLag is a system created by Roland Pec, based on the latest literature in the field of chronotherapy. With this system, you will be able to generate your own customized trip focused program table with which to accelerate as much as possible (up to 2 to 3 times) the resynchronisation of your internal clock (biological clock) with the external clock at your destination (geophysical time, the time on your wrist).

Anti-jetlag program table

You simply have to fill the form below, and you’ll rapidly receive your tailor-made anti-jetlag program table (PDF format).

> Price by program table (round trip) : 9.99 €.

> PayPal secure payment (PayPal account / all credit cards) or bank transfer.

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Travel Information

Note :

If your trip is shorter than 3 days, don’t try to reset your biological clock. If possible, don’t reset your wristwatch, keep your home time schedule.

If the time shift is less than 3 hours, you don’t need to do anything special : let the nature do its job !

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Exemple of an anti-jetlag program table

for a trip : London - Wellington (New Zealand)

/time shift : 12 hours


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